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Yoga and Ayurveda

Well-being with Yoga & Ayurveda


This program combines weekly yoga classes with monthly workshops offered at Well-being Yoga studio. At these workshops, you will learn the core information, practical application, ways to personalize the practice and suggestions of incorporating it in your daily life… read more

optimal well-being


Optimal Well-being


In this program we focus on the three foundational pillars of wellness: your diet, life habits, and your mental and emotional state. Using Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, and applying the Three A’s of Well-being method, you will achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being… read more






I love sharing my stories and experiences with you. I also would love to hear yours. Let’s stay connected, so together we can make good stuff happen! … read more



Yoga Classes


At Well-Being Yoga studio we offer a non-competitive, inclusive, and compassionate environment for students, regardless of age, gender, or physical abilities. Irina’s teaching philosophy is based on the belief that the practice of yoga is more of an exploration and discovery process rather than a goal-oriented activity... read more




Children's yoga


Yoga Break™ for Children Training


In Yoga Break™ for Children Teacher Training you will learn how to provide children with knowledge and skills on how to use breathing techniques, yoga poses, meditation, affirmations and self-inquiry in everyday life for regulating and managing themselves… read more

Teacher training




At Well-being Yoga, we make it worth your time and investment and offer workshops that provide fundamental knowledge and follow with practice to embody this knowledge, own it and apply it for your well-being. They address creating optimal well-being through yoga poses, breathing and meditation practice… read more

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